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: a minute away from tying for the longest match in the final at the u.s. open. john: murray actually forgot the score there, that's how into it he is. it's 40-5. still double match point. >> fault. john: it was just long. >> out. bill: great britain has a new grand slam champion! andy murray wins the u.s. open. bill: tears of joy. what a fight. >> ladies and gentlemen, andy what a fight. >> ladies and gentlemen, andy murray! bill: ties for the longest final in u.s. open history. bill: ties for the longest final in u.s. open history. back after this. is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines... find a great restaurant... and with siriusxm i can get weather forecasts... all from here. in my mercedes-benz. [ male announcer ] introducing mbrace2. the most comprehensive cloud-based telematics system on the road. it's your world, from your car. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts r
inland locations well into the 90s today including mt. diablo. we will take a look at the prospects for the weekend and,,, >> we want to show you a live look in british columbia near vancouver, those are people down there, but what we're looking for is a black bear that has been roaming the residential neighborhood. first spotted near a busy highway an hour ago. there is. there is!. that state, that is not live. but that is the bear. police believe it is having a grand old time walking around there. they think it was the same bear that made its way through a nearby town earlier this morning. no word on how authorities plan to remove it, if they should come face-to-face. >> there is an internal investigation at the san jose police apartment over a traffic ticket, the person that got that ticket, mayor chuck reed. but that is not a problem. len ramirez explains that it is what happened afterward. >> that is right, this is not exactly the pentagon papers case, but the leak of a photograph of the ticket that was given to the mayor by a traffic officer has been very embarrassing to the m
. >> not even close in the bay area. u.s. census bureau says the median household income level and the nation is just a fraction at around $50,000 for 2011. in california the median is a little more than $53,000 and for the bay area is much higher than the national average at $76,000, still nowhere near the quarter of a million-dollar mark. $250,000 may sound arbitrary, governor mitt romney actually got the number from president obama. he started using $250,000 as the cutoff number between the middle class and wealthy when he was campaigning in 2008. >> with 53 days left before the election, there's really no room for mistakes and the latest cbs news poll shows that the president and mitt romney are statistically tied, 3 points apart with the president only slightly above the that is really the same as the margin of error so that is why they're considered to be tied. think about this, the election may feel far off because it is on november 6th, that is 53 days, but early voting begins here in 25 days and in some states early voting begins in as little as two weeks. >> every word will be disse
into the community, he would even go jogging with his security detail. in may he was named u.s. ambassador to libya, may last night he and three others were killed in the embassy .. >> it is my understanding that he went back in to try and save his people, his employees. >> he graduated from piedmont high school in 1978 and went to uc-berkeley where he lived with steven mcdonald. >> he was a fun-loving man that you have to get things done, but to do it with a smile on his face, relentlessly optimistic. >> he joined the peace corps and attended law school, he set out to make a difference in the world, and he did. >> it is such a waste. i'm sorry ... >> he is described as idealistic, courageous, and honorable. " we should all be so lucky to live a life that we've reached membered in that light. >> he was a public servant and he served so well, and so selflessly. i feel like he is such a great example about was great about this country in high-school be had the opportunity to visit spain and his family said that he was unflappable and never spoke about any danger that he might be and. >> a huge loss,
to be the closest u.s. spot that you will have to the shuttle flies over. when the 747 caring the endeavor leaves edwards air force base, it will put on a show that nasa says the bay area will never forget. >> this is a very big deal, theshuttle has ever been to northern california before. >> the ames research center says that we should be able to see the shuttle from almost anywhere in the bay area. >> it should be a great you know matter where you are. >> it will head north from edwards and passover sacramento and from there it flies force oakland, and the lawrence hall of silence before heading to the golden gate bridge for several passes. and then south where some of the best up close viewing will take place at an altitude of just 1,500 ft.. >> it is very close, it might even fly lower than that. i'm not at liberty to talk about how low but if you're standing here in the flight line you will get a great shot. >> with a fly over visible in the bay area, the chp will be on the alert for those trying to see the fly over from behind the wheel. >> it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. everyone gets to
, and did not do anything to deserve this. >> about 3:00 p.m. we received several 9 1 1 calls about an s u v that struck a juvenile riding a bicycle on navato boulevard in the area of sandy creek and san bernadino high-school. several patrol units responded along with the fire district in chp. and the juvenile was in critical condition, transported on the ground to a local high school and air lifted once her condition stabilized enough to be airlifted. >> it was a head on accident, she was traveling west, and the car east. i do not know if you can see it, but there is a huge dent in that car. it was a massive impact. if through her 10 ft.. so we are hoping for the best and we're going to stay on top of her condition and our thoughts go out to the entire family and to the victim. >> quick question, about the driver, you said he, do we know anything else, age or anything? >> they're being tight-lipped. the girl is 11 years old and we know her name but we will not release it because not everybody has been notified yet. >> absolutely, get back to us with any updates. thank you. >> we have learne
and foggy at the coast. right in the day you will cool down to the upper 60s and in one spot fire up at bbq, warm and sunny for you with 84 degrees coming up this evening. it is hurricane season in the eastern pacific can ever once in a while there is a tropical system that will get close enough to southern california to fire up some extra moisture into northern california and the bay area. typically that does not lead to widespread rainfall but often what it does is give us cloud cover and you'll notice a change after tomorrow. tomorrow is a repeat of today but by wednesday we will see an increase in clouds and a decrease in sunshine knocking the images down by five degrees. tonight we're looking at clear skies in mind, but we will have fog building along the coast and for the bay but that will burn off rather quickly tomorrow. hot again tomorrow in inland locations with clouds increasing with tropical moisture moving up by wednesday. here are your highs for tomorrow. sunnyvale 86. morgan hill 93. san mateo 74 degrees. a hot one for walnut creek. 94 in pittsburgh and we're also talking 80s
, and covered $7 million worth of gold coins hidden throughout the nevada home, some minted in the 1840's. >> i have never seen that much gold in my life, or coins at all. >> he is the neighbor in carson city and was there when they made the discovery. >> we thought it was ammunition, we opened up and it was rolls of $20 gold pieces. >> also found inside stock options worth $165,000.2000 dollars in cash. now the million-dollar question, who gets the fortune? he did not make it will. >> the closest relative is a first cousin in california. >> i tried to find her and finally got through to her husband on the phone, he told me " no comment ". but it is all the talk in downtown san the cell. >> i wish i was hurt. >> i hope that she really uses it for good causes. >> she was found on a list of family members that attended a funeral, so why wasn't her 69 year-old cousin living a good life? neighbors called him quiet, and a recluse. he stocked up on guns and conspiracy theory books and lived with his mother until she died in 1992. >> to come out in the yard and waves once in a while but that was assoc
of suspects describe only as african-american men in their 20s to '40's. crisis counselors say that for every 100 sexual assault only 10 percent are reported. that number may be even more grim in a community of immigrants. christina heads the latino outreach arm of bay area women against rape and says that it is no coincidence that the suspects are zeroing in on undocumented women. >> i believe the perpetrator is fully aware that these people are very afraid to come forward and make reports to the police. >> police worry that strategy may be working, so far one victim has come forward. but others have remained tight- lipped for fear that telling their story could mean being deported. >> you're not going to get deported if you file a police report. >> them coming for can prevent this from happening to someone else. >> police say the hotline that victims can call to report a rate is 510841rape . >> it is good that these women can come forward and will not get in trouble but do please feel like these women are being stocked before their attack to make sure they fit that profile? >> i'm sorry, it
pouring in as c p s headquarters. earlier today the flags were flying at half staff as well. the california transplant donor network is encouraging people to become organ donors, you can do that at the dmv, you can also do it on our website, donate life, calif., .org. >> slides across the bay area flying at half staff in honor of this officer. in addition the san fransisco police chief is allowing his officers to wear this black band across their badge to show their respect. many of you have asked how you can help the officers family, a fund has been established for that very purpose, you can find all information you need on cbssf.com, we have also posted more video of that tribute online. >> the coast guard involved in a possible parental abduction out of the bay area, the suspected getaway vehicle? a 40 ft. sailboat stolen from a marina in alameda. linda yee is there with what is known so far. >> the net, this is a very strange but sad case, apparently it all started earlier this week in south san francisco where a father is suspected of kidnapping his children from their
. >> already the u.s. department of commerce estimates that 1 million californians have jobs thanks to international trade alone and by opening up these offices in shanghai and beijing and possibly in mexico as well, business leaders in the state are hoping to boost that jobs number overall. >> bring it on. thank you. >> the country's strongest job markets, the country's pixar mr. right here in the bay area. san fransisco, orange county, san mateo county, topping a new federal labor report. that region saw a 4.4% increase in total jobs over a 12 month time ending in july. no. 2 on the report was santa clara county, posting a 3.5% increase, economists say that the growth is due to an increase in technology jobs. a lot of job seekers wind up in the tribe valley today, we're talking thousands of people. a new outlet mall is getting ready to open off of interstate 580 where the cities of livermore, pleasanton, and dublin, meet. ann noterangelo is here with positive signs for the bay area economy. >> the mayor of livermore was grinning ear to ear when talking about the opening of the out
up. thursday through sunday, four days well above normal, even hitting the 80s, perhaps in san fransisco by saturday. nice beach weekend saturday and sunday, highs near 80 degrees before tomorrow, upper seventies for san jose and livermore 87 and aaron dunn san fransisco chilly 1 with 63. redwood city 72 and not of valley 79. legos sunshine and 73 degrees. thursday, through sunday, highs well in the '90s inland approaching 80 degrees near the bay with mainly sunny skies and we will be sunny and warm. that is your cbs 5 forecast. >> if you have a credit card and you could be in for a refund, coming up, the customers and peddled to a piece of a $200,,,, >> if you have a discover credit card and you could be getting refunds. julie wants explains how the nation's sixth largest credit card is paying out $200 million because of deceptive telemarketing. >> a consumer financial protection bureau and the f.d.i.c. say that the discover telemarketer's trick customers to buy add-ons like add and defect detection. they say they often implied the benefits were free to result in hefty fees fo
s u v. the father and 9 year-old daughter both died. today prosecutors said that he would plead guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter later this month. >> police searching for a stolen car ended up on a manhunt in alameda county today. union city police say that car sped off when officers tried to pull over. eventually the car stopped near a park and a man and woman in sight of the car ran off. police caught up with them both and arrested them. >> a man shot and killed earlier this morning in east oakland on 105th street by birch streets. it is the '84, side of the year in oakland and the third killing within 24 hours. >> new details in a multiple homicide outside of vallejo. police say that the bodies of a man and woman were found inside of their home after neighbors heard gunshots. friends of the victims told us that the woman was pregnant. >> they're doing good, they kept to themselves, i cannot understand why someone would do that to them. >> distraught friends watched as police remove their bodies from a home where they were killed, a 31 year-old man and 20 year-old woman
once again in the '90s, the bay comfortably in the '70s. the marine layer thickening. to weather changes and one will only intact a few of you but one will get all of us as soon as tomorrow. there is,,,,,,,,,,,, [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> a group of hacker says that the fbi access the information for millions of users. it posted online what they claim are the device identification numbers of more than 1 million iphone and ipad and they say that is just part of the more than 12 million identities that they got from a laptop of an fbi agent. as of this afternoon there has been no independent verification that these claims are true and in a statement the fb
in the south bay. clouds are coming back quickly this evening, upper 50s for you, clear but chili near the bay and 60 degrees, not as warm with all of that sunshine inland. the clouds lurking offshore, there with us until lunchtime and will be again tomorrow. the clouds of to the west will march inland coming over the next couple of hours. we had high-pressure sitting to the south of giving us a little bit of an onshore flow, a flow coming from the west, but now we also have a low pressure area 2 or no. enhancing the onshore flow. it gives us cooler weather. this pattern will stick around until thursday so we have tomorrow, and wednesday, and thursday were temperatures run between five and 12 degrees below normal. services are tomorrow, 61, the average high as 73, livermore 5 degrees below normal, convert your height is 78, oakland only 67, pacific 64, napa 77 am mountain view 74 degrees, we will stay below normal in the upper seventies and sixties near the bay, through thursday, you will be afternoon sunshine but it will be chilly, warm up friday and saturday back to the '70s, '80s inland bef
of the '60s. so why are we talking about,,,,, [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. >> a sliding hillside in marin county has neighbors worried and rightfully so, the property has been washing away during the winter rains. the owner? not doing a thing about it. don ford is here on who is taking action. >> the town is planning a takeover, what they want is to get their hands on this hillside property on scenic ave. the problem is that it is a hazard. the city has been looking long and hard for the owner. >> we don't know where he is. he has not contacted us. >> i believe he went back to his home in pakistan. >> serious problems frighten the neighbors. >> it started sliding. >> the city was forced to
cities i think i am ok. >> the new mapping program released this week as part of apple's i o s six operating system, the company says the map service is a cloud based solution that will get better as more people use it. >> there are a lot of smart phones with photographs of the shuttle on it. >> facebook and twitter, everywhere. >> how american was that to see the shuttle fly past the golden gate bridge? kingston clear out for the shuttle and for everyone to get a great view of it, live outside another tree, an excellent sunset, we can't thank those cirrus clouds out there. we do have cloud cover streaming by and that will usually scatter the sunlight around sunset which is only an hour from now so head outside with your family and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. fremont 75 san jose 74, 80s inland. livermore and conquered into the 80s. a big baseball game as the giants could clinch a tie for the and abigail west your first pitch temperature, giants/padres one hour from now. we have clouds moving in from the southwest to the northeast, right on the northern fringe of an era of high press
at 59 degrees in clear and cool in land was mid-60's for you. cloud cover this morning, it burned off. but it will get that push in and once again tonight because low pressure, we're talking about yesterday, it has not moved so the forecast has not changed. the strong onshore flow aided by that area of low pressure. on friday low pressure moves further away and less of an influence for us all after one more chilly day things will warm up and we will be sunny are coming up friday and saturday. in downtown seven sister tomorrow only 63 degrees, 10 degrees below average. livermore with a high of 78, san jose 71 and open 68. it should be a fine thursday in napa with a high of 74 degrees. warmer on friday that up to the mid 80s and low to mid '70's near the bay, a warm on saturday and saturday will be cooler and cloudy. >> coming up on the consumer watch, the ripple effect of the, >> it is at&t coming under fire for policies that make it harder to use one of the coolest features on the eye from? >> >> for the first time you will be able to use face time over the network, instead of actuall
is to eliminate the onshore flow. that begins tomorrow but we know will market warm until the weekend. 80s near the bay when this scenario sets up saturday. high-pressure to the north, east win, the pressure to the south, and enhanced east wind. all this comes together for a very hot weekend. livermore 92 tomorrow and san jose up to 80. not too uncommon but better than today. fremont a high of 78 and vallejo 73 and sandra fell 81. san francisco only 60 degrees. check out the extended forecast, specifically saturday, sunday, and monday. well into the '90s inland and '80s new the bay a special sunday. and it weakened at the cozy ties will into the '70s. that is your cbs 5 forecast. >> special offers, social updates, not exactly spam but they can clutter your e-mail. on the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> we all get them, graymail. that is email like subscriptions and newsletters that are not exactly spam but they still clutter your in box. >> on the consumer watch, julie watts explains that a new website promises to bring organization to email so checking it is less of a chore. >> are you suffering from e-mai
, basically saying that it is not the 1990's anymore and that president obama is offering four more years of the same. i am gristly, cbs 5. >> san jose plays hardball to get the oakland a's, and they think the giants are not playing fair, what the city is trying to prove by going to court? >> armed robbery zoloft a daring and baazar heist, how they got an innocent woman to rob her own bank? >> a new twist in the problems with police radios in one bay area city, in a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> san jose is crying foul over a new effort to keep the oakland a's from sliding into a new home in the south bay. len ramirez shows us that the city is playing hardball by calling out the team's cross bay rivals. >> san jose has come out swinging against a group trying to block the effort to build a ballpark and get the a's to move to san jose. the city is seeking a court order forcing the citizens group " stand for san jose " to fully disclose ties that have to the san fransisco giants. >> it was a front group formed to advance the interest of the san francisco giants. >> the got the city's attention when th
seventies and low '80s in venetia. and tomorrow in santa rosa 80, navato 82 and sonoma 83 but on the peninsula in daly city only 61 and san francisco downtown only 63. staying close to normal for wednesday, look at what happens thursday and into the weekend ninety's inland widespread with highs near 80, even in san fransisco at the coast highs will approach 70 degrees. the wind will vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >> the raiders receiver was released from hospital this morning after a devastating hit knocked him unconscious in yesterday's game against pittsburgh. he was hit in the helmet by the steelers safety
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21